A prayer for refugees and for those who seek to respond to their needs

STAR close up of paper boats delivered to 10 Downing StreetWe pray for those who have died from despair, a lack of care and love in their home countries.

We pray for those who have died whilst fleeing from war torn countries in their search for refuge and safety.

We pray for the families who are seeking to be reunited with their loved ones.

We pray for the families who mourn for their loved ones.

We pray for all those who seek to help refugees in their distress.

We pray for our politicians that they might make right and timely decisions that give expression to our responsibilities to each other as brothers and sisters.

We pray for ourselves that we might understand our responsibilities as disciples of Christ and that we might respond in accordance with His will.

This we ask in the name of Jesus.



Rev Judith Morris is the General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Wales and part of the twelve women who visited refugees and refugee projects in Greece in a delegation organised by CTBI.

Photo: Student Action for Refugees’ (STAR) #SafeRoutesSafeLives campaign

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