3,772 paper boats delivered to 10 Downing Street

STAR close up of paper boats delivered to 10 Downing StreetStudent Action for Refugees (STAR) has delivered 3,772 paper boats to 10 Downing Street, each representing a life lost in the Mediterranean last year as people tried to reach safety in Europe.

Some of the poignant flotilla boats have been made by Syrian child refugees living in the Calais ‘jungle’ camp who have added personal messages to David Cameron including “We deserve life Sir” and “Please David Cameron help us”.

The boats were created as part of the charity’s #SafeRoutesSaveLives campaign which calls on the Government to …

  • allow refugees to safely and legally join families in the UK;
  • provide sanctuary to a fairer share of refugees arriving in Europe;
  • significantly increase the number of resettlement places available to refugees;
  • and help ensure there are adequate search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

STAR paper boats in front of 10 Downing StreetEmma Williams, STAR’s Chief Executive, explained that the campaign proposed “a measured solution which will save lives and show the world that British people can welcome those most in need”.

“As the Syrian conflict reaches it’s fifth year, the UK has only received 3,609 Syrian refugees in the last year while 2.75 million endure terrible conditions in Turkey. Closing the routes to the safety of Europe is simply forcing desperate people into lethal sea crossings, two refugee children are dying at sea every day.”

STAR wide shot of paper boats delivered to 10 Downing Street

Student volunteers from STAR help the British Red Cross provide free English, Maths, IT and homework support to very vulnerable and disadvantaged young people: helping make them feel part of the community as well as developing numeracy and literacy skills.

Student Christian Movement - Equal Access campaign logoSTAR is a charity who welcome refugees to the UK. They have 15,000 university students, 53 refugee support projects at 35 universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Student Christian Movement (SCM) work in partnership with STAR on an Equal Access campaign to change the law so that access to education for asylum seekers is the same as for UK students, with loans and grants available to them.