60th anniversary of Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid was founded by churches in 1945 to support refugees who had lost their homes and possessions in the Second World War. Twelve years later, Christian Aid Week was launched to help fund the organisation’s work.

Theodor Davidovic was a World War II refugee who made Scotland his home and dedicated much of his life to helping others in need. He fled his country in search of safety.

He has been a Christian Aid Week collector ever since! The week of collection Christian Aid Week 60th anniversary and looks back at stories from the beginning – when Christians refused to stand by while people like Theodor suffered in refugee camps – and considers how our generation is rising to that challenge again.

The story is brought right up to date with the profile of Nejebar who fled Afghanistan with her family after the Taliban threatened to kill anyone who worked for the government. The threat was carried out on another family member: the Taliban took out his eyes before killing him.

Nejebar’s husband Noor says:

“The last days and weeks in Afghanistan were the hardest. When I went to work, my heart was beating harder. I didn’t know if my family were going to be alive when I got back.”

When the family arrived at the makeshift camp in Greece where they’re now stranded, they thought they would only stay for 10 days. But they’ve been there six months and there’s no end in sight. Noor describes their initial reaction to arriving there: “It was like suicide for us. But we took the decision that it is better to die here than to die there from war.”

The only protection they have against the wind and rain is their tent. There’s no school for their children. Their five year old son is ill, but Nejebar and Noor don’t know what’s wrong with him because they can’t communicate with the camp’s doctor, who is Greek.

Refugees like Nejebar deserve better than this. Christian Aid along with other agencies work across every continent to build a world where everybody has a safe place to call home.

As well as the familiar red and white envelopes and door to door collections, Big Brekkie events and many other gatherings have been organised across Britain and Ireland. You can find details on your regional CA page.

Prayer, worship and reflection materials are also available as PDFs [for England, Scotland, Wales, NI and ROI].