A year on … Colin Yeo: The Human Cost of Borders

Colin Yeo immigration barrister and blogger - website bannerColin Yeo is an immigration and asylum lawyer in London and edits the Free Movement blog. In April 2015 he delivered a talk at a TEDxEastEnd Salon event on The Human Cost of Borders.

In just fifteen minutes Colin highlights the impact of border controls on both migrants and those working in the immigration system. He works with families split by immigration rules and questions the “attitude we’re adopting to genuine refugees suffering unimaginable horrors”.

[Bear in mind this talk was recorded back in April 2015.] During his presentation explained that UK had withdrawn its funding for sea rescue missions because they are a “pull factor”.

“The logic of that argument is that we should let them drown instead as that will discourage the others.”

A short but very powerful summary of issues from the perspective of refugees, border guards and immigration lawyers. Other talks at the same TEDx Salon event looked at other aspects of immigration.