Bible Societies in Europe reach out to refugees

United Bible Societies logosUnited Bible Societies reports that Bible Societies across Europe have been following Jesus’s teaching and responding to the needs to refugees arriving in western Europe.

‘I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink; I was a stranger and you received me in your homes …’ (Matthew 25)

They explain:

Hungary is the first place in western Europe where many of the refugees arrive. Many of them find themselves trapped there. They have no money, no shelter and no money and are in desperate need of help.

The Hungarian Bible Society launched an appeal so they could distribute aid packages (contain hygiene items such as shower gel and toothpaste, along with water and fruit juice) at Hungary’s main train stations.

Many of the refugees who do manage to leave Hungary are entering Austria. This country has been a refugee destination for many years, and the Austrian Bible Society has a long-established ministry of partnering with and supplying Scriptures to churches that work in refugee centres.

With increasing numbers of arrivals, the Society is working with a growing number of churches and is responding to requests from churches to supply Bibles in the language of arriving refugees.

The Bible Society which serves England and Wales is responding to requests from Christian refugees in the area around Calais for Bibles in their own languages, including Amharic, Farsi and English.