Building understanding in Northern Ireland churches

EMBRACE logoEMBRACE offer talks, workshops and migration awareness training to Northern Ireland churches and groups interested in learning more about migrant people and ways in which the local church can build relationships. You can find more information and details of how to book on the charity’s website.

And you welcomed me is a two and a half hour event where 20-40 people can learn about different ways of engaging with migrant people and responding to particular challenges they might face. The workshops run in an informal café-style manner allowing for exchange of ideas and open discussion. Topics covered can include setting up drop-in centres or Friendship Clubs, overcoming language barriers, and ‘starting where you are’.

‘Small World’ Café allows 20-40 people to learn first-hand about different cultures that are represented in Northern Ireland through individuals sharing stories and experiences as well as answering questions from participants.

Migration and Us is an two hour interactive training session for 10-20 people who will explore inward and outward migration. Information will be shared about the rights and entitlements of migrant workers in Northern Ireland. The course aims to dispel myths and provide practical information on issues relating to migration.

EMBRACE Fish Out of WaterA Fish out of Water is a training session for 10-20 people which uses a series of postcard images to consider the personal impact of migration. The cards are accompanied by a set of leader’s notes and Bible Study ideas.

A Stitch in Time: Responding to Racism at a Local Level is a two hour interactive session for 10-20 people, designed to stimulate thinking and discussion around issues of welcome and integration, racism and the process of escalation, through the use of specially prepared images. Together we will try to find answers to the question: how can we make our communities a more welcoming place for everyone?