Christian Aid Ireland highlight displacement around the world

Christian Aid Summer 2016 MagazineChristian Aid Ireland’s summer magazine (PDF) reminds readers that while there is a great focus on refugees travelling into and through Europe, many people are displaced within their own countries around the world.

Driven by the conflict in Syria, humanitarian crises in Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen, decades-old instability and conflict in Afghanistan and Somalia, millions of refugees are on the move.

In an article, Johanna Rogers writes about people displaced within Iraq.

In total, 10 million Iraqis, almost a third of the total population, are in need of humanitarian aid, with more than 3 million of those in need located in areas which are impossible to reach as a result of intense fighting.

Christian Aid continues to support internally displaced Iraqis, Syrian refugees and vulnerable host community families through our partners across Iraqi Kurdistan and in federal Iraq. It works with long-term partner REACH to distribute food, blankets and shelter; with partner Asuda to support women who have been affected by sexual and gender based violence; and has recently expanded its support to Kirkuk, where there is a growing number of displaced people seeking refuge.

In Bangladesh, Christian Aid are helping families who live on flood planes and whose homes are regularly destroyed. Small grants allow them to rebuild on top of a 6 to 8 foot earth plinth above water level.

Melanie Hargreaves returned to visit Nepal, a country hit by an earthquake last year that left 2.8 million people without a permanent home.

Rev David Nesbitt Rosamond Bennett Christian Aid IrelandFinally, a retired Co Monaghan Presbyterian minister, the Rev David Nesbitt, was challenged by watching footage of refugees walking long distances to find a secure future from war. So he walked 70km in Ireland to raise over €6,500 for Christian Aid’s Refugee Crisis appeal.

Photos – Christian Aid Ireland.