Christian Aid warns of dire consequences of closing refugees’ Balkan route

Christian Aid logoEuropean leaders proposed plan to close the Balkan route, being used by refugees to enter and travel through the EU, could be inhuman warns Christian Aid. Jenny Brown, the charity’s EU relations advisor said:

“We fear that this step will worsen still further the suffering of many thousands of people who are already desperate.”

Christian Aid says over 30,000 refugees are already stuck in Greece, at least 14,000 of those at the border with Macedonia, and thousands more are arriving every day.

“The EU has only agreed to relocate 160,000 refugees, and of those shamefully few have so far been processed. The EU must urgently increase its level of ambition, and process those seeking protection far more quickly and efficiently, with each member state accepting its fair and proportionate share.”

You can read Christian Aid’s full statement on the consequences of closing refugees’ Balkan route on their website.