Community Sponsorship Guide

A step-by-step guide to preparing your community group to welcome a refugee family has been published by Social Finance, Good Faith Partnership, Refugee Action and Church Response For Refugees. The guide breaks down the UK Home Office process into small steps and explains how the many criteria can be met.

The authors of the Community Sponsorship Guide explain that becoming a community sponsor to a refugee family is a big responsibility and may seem daunting. But it is rewarding and the process is absolutely doable with a little courage, effort and good-will.

Your group will need to show that you can meet certain criteria before you can welcome a family. Each section of this guide corresponds to one of these criteria, explains why it’s valuable, and provides useful strategies and resources if you get stuck. Use as much or as little of the guide as you need. Don’t forget, you’re not alone! Sponsorship is a whole community effort. Recruit community members and partner with local groups to create a supportive and welcoming network for a family. We are also available to answer questions if you need a little help. A list of helpful contacts is provided on the back of this guide.

The guide can be downloaded.