Could your church or group screen The Peace Between?

The Peace Between is a short film that features three friendships between a European and an asylum seeker or refugee. It’s a film about people and friendship rather than politics and it has been supported by the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA)

“It’s portrays a metaphorical road trip through the lives of six characters in three cities: Budapest, Copenhagen and Brest. What do two girls from Denmark and Syria chat about when they hang out in their favourite café in Copenhagen? How did a French woman become the ‘European mum’ of a young man from Ethiopia? What do 22-year-old Raza from Afghanistan and 55-year-old István from Hungary have in common?

“What good can come of conflict that separates families and friends? When home is home no more, we create family under extraordinary circumstances, and you are welcomed into their conversation.”


The filmmakers explain:

“Most of the contact with refugees happens through charity or on a political level. The relationships in The Peace Between are eye-to-eye authentic friendships, which have grown beyond the initial circumstances where they met.

“These three friendships challenge us on how we can step back from the social and political rhetoric surrounding the word “refugee” and instead consider what it looks like to get to know our new neighbours on a personal level.”

The EEA acknowledge that the political and cultural issues around asylum and migration are complicated and sensitive. But out of their belief that Christians and others need space to process what they think and feel in a safe environment they have decided to use the medium of film to help audiences ‘meet’ an asylum seeker on screen to help understand their lives and journeys.

EEA’s hope is that churches, student and community groups will host screenings of the film followed by a time of discussion. The Peace Between is also an opportunity for groups to host events for the wider community.

May’s launch will give churches time to plan to screen the film’s trailer on Refugee Sunday which will be marked on 17 or 24 June this year. Prayers and a sermon outline are also being made available on the dedicated website.

The team are aiming to subtitle the films and translate the materials into many different languages. If your language is not featured and you think it would be useful if it did, please contact Arie de Pater to discuss whether translation can be organised.