Discontent with slow progress on reception of child migrants into UK

Focus on Refugees unaccompanied childredAt the beginning of May, UK Prime Minister David Cameron committed to speed up the existing work on the reception of child migrants with a direct family connection to the UK.

The statement from 10 Downing Street said:

“The government is not putting a fixed number on arrivals, but will instead work with local authorities across the UK to determine how many children will be resettled.

“We will move quickly to consult local authorities, with the first arrivals expected before the end of the year.”

However, over the weekend Lord Dubs – whose amendment to the UK Immigration Bill brought the issue to a head and forced a government U-turn – commented on the slow progress:

“No one has come through on this scheme yet. The only people who have come through I know are young people I met in Calais who then made it to Britain on the back of a lorry.”

Amendment to Children and Social Work Bill 2An amendment has been raised against the Children and Social Work Bill currently going through the committee stage in the House of Lords.

The Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, is spokesman for Citizens UK. He said:

“Although we rejoiced when the Government agreed to step up and resettle unaccompanied child refugees from Europe, we are disappointed that their words are not being put into action. This generous offer of sanctuary to unaccompanied children must not be allowed to fail due to bureaucracy and cuts.”