Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe’s course on the Theology of Migration

Twenty one young people recently attended a Theology of Migration course held in Stockholm. The Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe organised the week long event to look at the migration and to develop a common theology of migration.

The ecumenical delegates from across Europe, Lebanon and Armenia were conscious of the different denominational and national backgrounds, and were joined by two participants with Muslim background as they sought to promote a positive attitude towards migration and counter theologically-reasoned reservations towards migration.

The Church of Sweden’s Kristina Hellqvist spoke about the historical and cultural contexts of migration, and explained how her denomination deals locally with migration. (“Time of Encounters” is a study of how the Church of Sweden has worked with asyum seekers and refugees in its parishes.)

Another guest was Alfredo Abad, a pastor from the Spanish Evangelical Reformed Church. He spoke about the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) and presented on the theology of migration based on Biblical examples.

The group also visited church-based refugee projects Stockholm, meeting with pastors and staff. Their time at the Good Neighbour project demonstrated the importance of joined up projects between networks of churches, mosques and other organisations.

The group’s statement on the theology of migration will be published later this year.