EU might need Plan B if Turkey deal collapses

Politico EU Turkey deal Plan B web articlePolitico reports that the European Union “has quietly begun preparing a Plan B” in case the deal with Turkey collapses.

“The EU’s contingency plan, described by senior diplomats, envisions turning Greece into what European leaders from Angela Merkel on down have vowed to avoid: a giant refugee camp.

“Indeed, the whole rationale for the Turkey pact was to keep refugees from being stranded in Greece, which has neither the wherewithal nor the capacity to deal with an influx that could quickly reach the hundreds of thousands.

“But with most of the rest of Europe refusing to accept more than a token number of migrants, there may not be another option.”

A report in German newspaper Bild suggested that some Greek islands “would serve not just as reception centres for the refugees, but as semi-permanent refugee camps, much like those that have been built near the Syrian border in Jordan and Lebanon”.

The possibility of a Plan B may have surfaced in order to convince Turkey that the EU has other options in light of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “refusal to revise Turkey’s anti-terror law … one of the key conditions for granting Turkish citizens visa-free travel in the EU”.

More detail in Politico.