For Refugees – responding as Good Samaritans

For Refugees homepageFor Refugees is an initiative whose roots are in the Good Faith Partnership, itself a project of the established charity Chapel St dedicated to building and serving communities.

Once the Syrian people had lives like ours. Safe, happy and free. Today almost half live in squalor and fear – as refugees driven from their homes by a brutal civil war.

The challenge is for the faith community to respond – as Good Samaritans. And For Refugees makes that possible – so every church and local community can share in welcoming and care for refugees wherever you are.

They are working to equip local churches to engage with their local authorities as they seek to offer refugees welcome and support. For Refugees also partner with specialist agencies who have a track record of excellence in working with refugees and have a wide range of national partners to ensure there is a coordinated response that maximises community care for refugees.

They are engaging with the UK Government and, in particular, Home Office officials to identify and develop strategic opportunities for local groups to welcome and support refugees.

For Refugees logoFor Refugees see the opportunity for churches and community groups to take compassionate action that would see Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan put into action by:

  • welcoming and helping refugees with packs of essentials, English lessons, skills for work and trauma counselling;
  • helping unaccompanied young refugees through fostering and mentoring;
  • campaigning on behalf of refugees so they receive help to flourish, thrive and contribute;
  • supporting refugee charities so refugees have the greatest opportunity possible to build new lives.

You can find out more on the For Refugees website which suggests actions that can be taken by an individual, a church and as a group of churches. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.