Free German/English language learning app + picture dictionaries for refugees

busuu ICOON German for Refugees bannerTwo European language-related tech start-ups have teamed up to offer Syrian refugees free access to smartphone apps that help teach German and English and overcome language barriers with picture dictionaries.

busuu is offering its German and English language courses for free to anyone using the Arabic version of its app. Download the app, click on ‘settings’ and then ‘voucher’ codes and enter the code “Germanforrefugees” or “ألماني”. (May also work on their iOS/Apple app.)

The available classes contain more than 200 audio visual course units per language and cover everyday topics like food, shopping, clothes and visiting the doctor.

ICOON for refugees app screenshotICOON are offering a free Android app with a picture dictionary of a 1,200 of  important symbols and photos along with a PDF leaflet featuring a subset of the most common symbols.

Commenting on the release of these application, representatives from busuu and ICOON explained:

“Language skills are crucial to finding your way in a new environment. They are the key to integration … There is great demand for easy access language acquisition, something both our companies excel in.”

ICOON for Refugees paper picture dictionary coverICOON have also collected donations and so far printed 50,000 multi-lingual picture dictionaries which are distributed by the Red Cross and aid organisations to refugees across Europe. You can still donate to  help finance a further print run.

More information on the German For Refugees and ICOON for Refugees websites.