Greenbelt 2017 events on migration, asylum and refugees

If you’re attending the Greenbelt festival this weekend look out for some of the asylum and refugee-related talks and activities across the Boughton Estate site, north east of Kettering.

Friday 25 August at 5.30pm. Climate theologian Dr Winston Halapua will talk about The Real Moana: Waves of God’s Embrace in the Pagoda. The Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia will share his Oceanic context, where rising sea levels have already made climate refugees out of many in Polynesia and Micronesia. Hear his call for a deeper awareness of the extreme situation that is being faced by island communities and why this is important for us all to realise that this global climatic catastrophe is caused by a minority in the developed world destroying the environment through over-consumption and rampant greed.

Sunday 27 August at 12.30pm. URC’s Takeaway venue is hosting an ‘Intentional Conversation’ around the banqueting table art installation banquet for those who already make asylum seekers and refugees more than welcome in their churches. What are the issues faced by people already making strangers more than welcome? What are churches learning by the reality of doing this? And what support is needed and provided for them?

Sunday 27 August at 12.30pm. A panel will discuss the meaning of the term ‘The Common Good’ – the theme of this year’s Greenbelt Festival – in the Treehouse. That’s the name of a venue rather than a health and safety disaster waiting to happen! Karen Rooms from Citizens UK will chair the discussion between Luke Bretherton, Ed Mayo and Anna Rowlands as they look at the origin of the term and how it can make a difference to our lives and our world?

Sunday 27 August at 5.15pm. Dr Anna Rowlands will be back in the Treehouse talking about The Good of One Is the Good of All. In early Christian teaching, the common good is understood less as the search for a politics of consensus and more as the search for the life of communion. The deputy director of the University of Durham’s Centre for Catholic Studies will be unpacking the implications of this for church, economy and politics. Organised by Citizens UK.

Monday 28 August at 11am. Citizens UK will be present a guide to community sponsorship of refugees in the Forge venue. Under the title ‘Welcoming the Stranger’ executive director Neil Jameson will explain how your congregation can take part in the UK’s community sponsorship scheme and help support and welcome refugees coming to the UK.