‘@home in a strange place’ – URC collection of resources

at home in a strange placeThe United Reformed Church has collated and published a collection of resources – @home in a strange place – to encourage and stimulate ‘sacred conversations’ on migration.

The URC @home in a strange place resources include a thematic introduction; suggestions on conversation methods; short stories, bible reflections; a written and filmed short play entitled When Truth is Blind; video magazine clips; worship materials, links to online ecumenical resources.

The challenging and touching film was written as a stage play by Richard Becher, and starts Delroy Brown, John Sugden and Celia Morris Sanchez.

The video, leaflets and worksheets can be used in congregations or  by small groups.

As well as the primary @home materials, URC have gathered worship and liturgical reflections (including some sermons), poetry and a rich set of secondary information which links to migration stories and ecumenical resources.

The United Reformed Church (URC) logoLaunching the resources, URC’s secretary for global and intercultural ministries Rev Dr Michael Jagessar said “the church cannot shy away from the issue of migration”.

“While some politicians are using fear tactics to scaremonger voters into believing that migration is dangerous to our society, while far right groups are on the rise in Europe, and while hate crimes against religious and racial minorities are becoming more frequent.

“We need to focus instead on the lived experiences behind the label “migrant”, as every day thousands of people are escaping war torn countries and economic deprivation in the hope of a better life. What do these stories of displacement mean for us as a church and as a society?

“When the migrant becomes our neighbour or when we ourselves are the migrant, it is vital that as a community we do not ignore the issues around what it means to be ‘at home in a strange place’, but instead enable ‘sacred’ conversations to take place. Such conversations will enable us to learn from one another, and help us to work together to embrace and celebrate the diversity of humanity.”