Humanitarian Corridors – safe and legal access to Europe

CTBI’s Christine Elliott recently returned from a fact-finding visit to projects in Rome. Over the coming week’s she’ll be blogging about her encounters.

Giulia GoriGiulia Gori promotes the work of Humanitarian Corridors. This magnificent collaboration between the Italian Government departments of foreign and internal affairs and the Christian groups Mediterranean Hope, Community of Sant’Egidio and Tavola Valdese seeks to work with the flexibility within the Schengen visa regulations.

This allows vulnerable migrants to apply for a humanitarian visa at the Italian consular offices in Lebanon, Ethiopia and Morocco which removes the need to make the treacherous journey in unsafe boats across the Mediterranean. They have already enabled more than 1,000 people to move in safety, predominantly from Lebanon.

Giulia’s plea is for there to be a safe and legal way to access Europe and that there be the right for all to access the asylum process. She is not advocating that all should be granted asylum, but instead suggests that there has become a hierarchy of refugees which puts Syrians at the top and Nigerians at the bottom.