Increased numbers of refugees arriving at Greek land borders and islands

The Greek Reporter news agency reports that the Greek Government’s Minister for Migration has expressed “deep concern” over the increasing trend of refugee and migrant flows to the country in recent weeks.

“The increasing flows in the islands do not scare me because we know what to do. It is really troubling, however, to see the enormous increase in Evros” said Dimitris Vitsas in parliament.

Evros is the on the land border with Turkey and the increase in numbers has resulted in overcrowding at migrant reception centres.

7,594 refugees and migrants entered Greece in the first four months of 2018.

In the first three weeks of April, 2,168 people entered Greece through the eastern Aegean islands (with 1,189 in Lesvos alone) and 2,700 from Evros (the land border with Turkey).

Recent reports say that more than a thousand migrants have been detained in police facilities and an army barracks in Evros.