Interfaith Glasgow – addressing isolation and getting to know Glasgow

Interfaith Glasgow is a Scottish charity specialising in promoting and facilitating constructive engagement between different faith and belief communities in Glasgow.

Weekend Club is their interfaith response to the social isolation experienced by asylum seekers, refugees and new migrants in Glasgow. It addresses the need for newcomers to get to know Glasgow, especially over the weekend; to better understand Scottish culture and history; and improve their English in fun and relaxed settings.

So far our events have included activities as diverse as a day trip to New Lanark; shortbread-making; a virtual tour of Glasgow’s art galleries and museums, complete with an introduction to ‘Glasgae’ slang; workshops covering the history of migration to Scotland and the history of knitting; a fun introduction to some of the key figures of Scottish history; a trip to Glasgow’s annual Christmas market; and a Burn’s Night celebration in which participants learned how the bagpipes are played, sampled ‘neeps and tatties’, and learned to ceilidh.

All Weekend Club events are free and there’s free food to boot!

interfaith glasgow landscape logoInterfaith Glasgow wants to create a better-connected, safer, and more harmonious city for all. Their delivery of innovative programmes is aimed firstly at increasing friendships and societal interaction between people of diverse faiths and beliefs; and secondly aimed at fostering greater mutual understanding and challenging prejudices and misconceptions. They also look to increase opportunities for people from different faith communities to work cooperatively to address issues of common concern. Their core funding is from the Scottish Government.