Jubilee Centre: Safe Haven?

Jubilee Centre - Biblical Thinking For Public Life logoThe Jubilee Centre is a Christian social reform organisation offering a biblical perspective on contemporary issues and underlying trends in society.

Responding to the European refugee crisis, the Jubilee Centre has produced a five minute film to present some of the challenges and responses with a focus on what can be done now by local Christians.

  • Who are the migrants?
  • What do politicians say?
  • What are the costs and benefits?
  • What should be done?
  • Three priorities for prevention and response
  • How can Christians get involved?

The full script can be downloaded and is accompanied by links to evidence to support the facts and figures in the film, including a reference to CCME’s Mapping Migration booklet.

Thinking Biblically About Immigration front coverLast year Jubilee Centre produced a Thinking Biblically About … Immigration pamphlet (PDF) which looked at Old Testament references to resident aliens or sojourners and temporary visitors or foreigners as well as New Testament ideas about citizenship.

They have previously published The Status and Welfare of Immigrants by Jonathan Burnside, an examination of how these issues were dealt with in the Bible rather than an analysis of the contemporary debate; and Immigration and Justice, a short booklet (available on Kindle) that lays out a Biblical foundation and then applies it as a Christian framework to modern times.