Lamenting like the Psalmist for all who are homeless, in exile or in suffering

O Christ our Lord who came in homelessness that you might find a home in us and that everyone would find a home in you, we bring before you at this time all who are homeless, in exile or in suffering.

Grant them the sense of being held fast in you. Enable all who love you to strive together for a world which is closer to your Kingdom in which all may live together as a family, each caring for all, and all caring for each, for the sake of peace.

In our prayer we lament like the Psalmist.

God, our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble, how long must those suffering in conflict wait for rescue?

How long must children separated from their families yearn for comfort?

How long must those with psychological scars live with trauma?

How long must families risk perilous journeys at the hands of merciless traffickers?

How long will countries with plenty refuse sanctuary for the few?
How long, O God, must you wait for your children to be welcomed, shown kindness and care?


Adapted from Christian Aid Week 2017 resources.

Photo taken by Damian Jackson while visiting Porto M which displays items abandoned in boats used by refugees to sail from Libya to the Italian island of Lampedusa.