On the road … a journey through the Bible for migrants

UBS On the road - A journey through the Bible for migrants front coverBack in 2008, the French Bible Society produced an illustrated booklet On the Road: a Journey through the Bible for Migrants in conjunction with a group of migrant people.

It combines 33 Bible stories, prayers, experiences of people who have had to leave their homes, and suggested questions for discussion. It can be used for personal meditation as well as group study, by migrants or settled people or both.

Produced for the United Bible Societies fellowship, this resource splits the journey into seven steps:

  • Why leave?
  • A difficult journey
  • Seeking a place
  • Are all means acceptable?
  • Finding a place to settle
  • Is a return possible?
  • God is close to everyone

The booklet can be downloaded [PDF] and hard copies can be ordered and purchased through the Scottish Bible Society website.

Commenting on the publication, the Scottish Bible Society said:

As we continue to hear news reports of displaced people around the world, we remember the stories in the Bible of men, women and groups of people who leave their home countries and travel far and wide. Some go willingly, like Abraham who was called by God. Others are banished or forced to leave. Whilst some flee because their lives are in danger or simply because life is too hard if they stay where they are. Circumstances often force people to leave in the hope of finding a better life elsewhere.