Peacemaking Sunday (18 September 2016)

Peacemaking-Sunday-2016-When-I-needed-a-neighbourPeacemaking Sunday on 18th September 2016 takes up the theme of solidarity with refugees.

The day of reflection will be held on the eve of international meetings discussing refugees and migration. A UN Summit on Monday 19th will be followed by a meeting of world leaders on Tuesday 20th to discuss the global refugee crisis and hosted by President Obama.

The Peacemaking Sunday resources – When I needed a neighbour: refugees and sanctuary – are produced by the Joint Public Issues Team (The Church of Scotland, Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and United Reformed Church) and are available to download. [Word/PDF]

The material includes a wide selection of prayers and blessings, responsive liturgy, worship suggestions, a reflection based around the disciples Andrew and Simon Peter, a challenger to love the ‘sojourner’, and a link to the four videos produced by The Bible Society elaborating on what the Bible says about refugees.

Who will help the refugees
To cease their endless walking,
While the ones who claim to care
Continue endless talking?
(Words John L. Bell, © WGRG, c/o Iona Community, Glasgow)