Pilgrimage: My heart won’t be the same …

Tuesday - Scicly - Bartlomiej Bozek chatting to a young man in Casa delle Culture - photo by Damian JacksonBartłomiej Bozek is a member of the Chemin Neuf Community and travelled to Italy to visit Mediterranean Hope projects in April with the delegation of young men organised by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

– – –

For me our Italian trip was like a pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage to the profound wounds of humanity.

A pilgrimage because we travelled a lot. Not only between many geographical places, but more truly between many interior areas.

From educating suffering spirits, through denominational and religious differences, right the way up to widely opened hearts to heal and help those who seek understanding and hope for the future.

Wounds too, because I’ve seen human suffering in its scandalous dimensions. Human traffic, abuse of women, cold indifference, people of good will feeling helpless, death on the sea.

I’ve also seen some sparks of hope.

People who gave up everything in order to help, without any real human reward.

My heart won’t be the same after that week.

It can’t be.

Bartłomiej Bozek, Chemin Neuf Community


Photo credit: Damian Jackson