Prayers – collated by Seeking Sanctuary

Seeking Sanctuary logoSeeking Sanctuary have collated together prayers from many sources on their Prayers for Migrants website (also available as a PDF).

Two are included here …

God, our Father, no one is a stranger to you. You watch over each of us with your loving gaze.
May those people fleeing from their homes in search of refuge be reminded that your own Son, and Mary our Mother, also experienced life as refugees and be renewed in their faith and hope.
Guide political leaders to act generously and work towards lasting and meaningful peace in those areas affected by violence and conflict.
May we, through Christ’s example, open our arms and hearts in welcome to those most in need of safety, shelter and compassion. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Cardinal Vincent Nichols

For Peace and Healing in Our World.
Wilderness God: whose Son was a displaced person in Bethlehem, a refugee in Egypt, and had nowhere to lay his head in Galilee.
Bless all who have nowhere to lay their head today, who find themselves strangers on earth, pilgrims to they know not where, facing rejection, closed doors, suspicion and fear.
Give them companions in their distress, hope in their wandering, and safe lodging at their journey’s end.
And make us a people of grace, wisdom and hospitality, who know that our true identity is to be lost, until we find our eternal home in you.
Through Christ, our rejected yet risen Lord.
From St Martin in the Fields, London