Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable 2019 in Sarajevo (4-8 February)

The Refugee Highway Partnership is running its Roundtable 2019 on 4–8 February in Sarajevo.

Around 150 refugee workers along with church and mission leaders from across Europe are expected to attend this 17th annual event to be encouraged and share resources, best practices and practical ideas for ministering to refugees.

The 2019 theme is ‘Removing Barriers, Embracing Strangers’.

Early bird registration finishes on 1 November, and hotel room reservations at the venue are available until 4 December. The organisers promise:

  • workshops with practical application to ministry;
  • encouraging stories and inspirational challenges from around Europe;
  • opportunities to meet and connect with other attendees;
  • a resource area to discover and share;
  • the chance to explore the beautiful and historic city of Sarajevo and to meet its people, many of whom were refugees due to the 1992-1995 war.

Summaries of previous annual roundtable events are available on their website.

The Refugee Highway Partnership is a network of Christians who seek the Church to minister the whole gospel amongst those who have been forcibly displaced, including to refugees and asylum seekers who arrive in Europe. They connect and mobilise leaders, churches and organisations to effectively engage with refugees.

Their name is derived from the observation that there are some well-worn paths around the world upon which refugees travel: air, water and land routes leading to safety and the simple hope for a normal life. These paths make up the refugee highway, and like any highway, there are entry ramps, crossroads, roundabouts and exits ramps.