Refugee worship resources – Church of Scotland

CofS Worship resources in response to refugee crisisThe Church of Scotland produce weekly worship resources: Starters for Sunday.

A specific set of worship resources have been published in response to the refugee crisis. The pack includes Psalms, prayers, readings, teaching outlines and links to other online resources.

One of the responsive prayers is reproduced here:

Lord have mercy
For those caught in conflict
Who’s lives hang in the balance
We cry out…

Lord have mercy

For those who cannot escape
Trapped by war raging around them
Paralysed by fear
Or faced with an impassable ocean
We cry out

Lord have mercy

For those who flee
Leaving behind all that they have known
Venturing into new and strange places
We cry out

Lord have mercy

For those who are here
At the end of a perilous journey
Now faced with a new uncertain path
We cry out

Lord have mercy

Merciful God
Help us to act with compassion,
To welcome with love,
To put the needs of our neighbours before our own

Inspire us to pray
to act
to be the people of hope that you call us to be
Hear us as we cry out
For the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.