Responding to the refugee crisis with PEACE

Diocese of Guildford LogoThe Diocese of Guildford have summed up their response to the refugee crisis through the acrostic PEACE.

On their website they’ve listed local, national and international resources under each of the five headings.

Prayer is always at the foundation of any Christian response and is a positive, intentional action.

Education of facts and history behind the current situation resists sensationalism and misinformation and allows us to make informed responses to concerns and questions.

Action flows from education. Informed action can demonstrate our love and compassion through practical deeds. Organisations providing humanitarian relief for refugees are collecting financial donations and supplies to address specific needs. Local bodies may be facilitating the housing of refugees (families and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children).

Campaigning also flows from education. There are many issues of justice that we can seek to be addressed through supportive activism and the positive lobbying of those in power that demonstrates solidarity with those people who have no other option but to flee their homeland.

Engagement with humanity within each of us as individuals, within society and within local and national government and of course engagement with each other across cultural, language and ethnic divisions as we respond to a complex and changing situation.