Sharp rise in number of refugees stranded in Greece, sea rescues continue

Refugees continue to arrive in Europe by sea and land routes. IOM estimate that by 21 September, a total of 317,228 migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe since the start of 2016.

While stories of rescue at sea can no longer be found leading TV news bulletins or dominating newspaper front pages, out of the media spotlight the Italian Navy rescued 654 migrants off the coast of Augusta on 16 September.

Five nights later a record high number of search and rescue operations took place when a shipwreck in the Channel of Sicily required Italian navy ships to rescue more than 6,000 migrants. The Turkish Coast Guard has rescued over 30,000 migrants and refugees since the start of 2016.


And estimates say that over 60,000 refugees are now stranded in Greece, a 42% rise in the last six months.

Organisations are continuing to take practical steps to help those displaced from home countries. The IOM have installed and will ongoing support communication containers with laptops, webcams and internet connectivity in six sites (three in Attica and three in Northern Greece) allowing refugees to talk to family members living elsewhere.