Student Christian Movement (SCM)

Student Christin Movement SCM logoThe Student Christian Movement (SCM) is made up of a network of groups and individual members across Scotland, England and Wales, as well as link churches and affiliated chaplaincies. The British SCM is part of the World Student Christian Federation which brings together more than two million Christian students around the world.

Their vision is:

  • to deepen faith (through faith, drawing on scripture,  lived experience, theology and church traditions to learn and grow as Christians);
  • to seek justice (believing faith and justice are inseparable, SCM is a movement for change, creating God’s kingdom of peace, justice and hope);
  • to celebrate diversity (creating inclusive communities where all are welcome and valued equally regardless of age, disability, denomination, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic background or belief);
  • Christian Unity (founded in the spirit of ecumenism, bringing students together from different denominations and traditions to deepen faith, learn from one another and work together for justice).

Student Christian Movement - Equal Access campaign logoThey are currently working in partnership with the Student Action for Refugees to campaign for Equal Access to education for asylum seekers is the same as for UK students, with loans and grants available to them.

Student Christian Movement SCM map