Those Who Dream: Christian Responses to Migration (27 October)

Union Chapel in Islington are hosting an event around Those Who Dream: Christian Reflections on Europe’s Responses to Migration in Europe on Saturday 27 October. The theological event aims to:

  • honour Christian work for justice for refugees and migrants;
  • raise delegates’ eyes beyond crisis responses;
  • seek guidance in the sources of our faith; and
  • ask what we can do better, what more we can do and what we should do next.

The event will engage Christian activists and those with curious minds who are committed to justice for refugees and migrants. It will focus on European responsibilities and standing up for the rights of those excluded by unjust systems.

The organisers also hope that the day will:

  • challenge UK isolationism;
  • examine Biblical concepts within Hebrew and early church experiences of migration;
  • hear how theological reflection can move into political and social change;
  • allow participants to share action.

Contributors include:

  • Claude Moraes MEP – Labour MEP and chair of the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee
  • Dorottya Nagy – Professor of Missiology, Protestant University of Amsterdam
  • Alfredo Abad – President Evangelical Church of Spain and Secretary of the Comisión de Ayuda al Refugiado
  • Vasileios Th. Meichanetsidis Apostoli, Archdiocese of Greece
  • Heather Roy – Secretary General, Eurodiaconia
  • Jerry Kramer – Vicar General of Zanzibar
  • Tsaurayi Mapfeka – Methodist Church of Zimbabwe
  • Simon Jones – Director of Ministerial Formation and Training, Spurgeon’s College
  • Danny Sriskandarajah – General Secretary, Civicus
  • Nadine Daniel – National Refugee Coordinator, Church of England
  • Jenny Brown – Christian Aid
  • Tatiana Garavita – Society of Friends

Tickets are £20 (or £10 concession or free for those with no recourse to public funds)