Tracking migration by data across Mediterranean routes into Europe

The International Organization for Migration develop the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), a system to track and monitor the location, displacement, vulnerabilities and needs of affected populations throughout crises.

Their published European Migration Flows diagram visually explains the patterns and trends of arrivals to Europe during this year.

IOM DTM Migration Flows Europe

They usefully report on the main nationalities arriving in European countries during April:

  • To Italy – Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast;
  • To Greece – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran;
  • To Bulgaria – Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.

DTM also publish displacement reports from their monitoring in Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon as well as Yemen, Nepal, Libya and Burundi. They collect data to develop evidence-based responses to trafficking and other forms of exploitation of migrants. You can also follow DTMs work and reports on Facebook and Twitter.

DTM Trafficking Exploitation baseline data example

UNHCR also publish regularly updated data on the volume of refugees and migrants travelling through Mediterranean routes into Europe.

UNHCR migration data visualisation