TWR’s Refugee Bridge – an app to meet the needs of displaced people

Trans World Radio's Refugee Bridge appDirk Mueller is the International Director of Trans World Radio Europe. He says:

“You probably can imagine how challenging it is to go through all the things [people displaced from their homes] went through: different stages of trauma and the leaving of war-torn countries. They are on this trip where they don’t know if they’re going to survive.”

TWR have created an Android app called Refugee Bridge “to meet the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of displaced people by offering practical and biblical content in the Arabic language”. They have plans to add more languages, including Farsi and Dari.

The content can be downloaded to devices so it is available on the move or when there is no internet access. Radio programmes – Hope for Syria and Women of Hope – originally produced for refugees in Syria and Lebanon are included in the app.

Mueller says TWR seek to reach refugees during the window of time in which they are most open to hearing the Gospel.

”When they arrive in Europe, it’s a different culture. There’s disillusionment and all of these things. We really try to put programs on this app that speak hope into their lives and really give them new hope which is based on Jesus Christ.”

TWR are also looking at other practical ministries, including a pilot project to distribute power banks to refugees as they arrive in Greece to help them keep their phones charged.