United Against Racism study materials

The ACT Now! Unite to End Racism campaign has published a book to help individuals, small groups and congregations to confront racism within their own lives and the lives of their churches. The ‘ACT’ stands for awaken, confront, transform.

United Against Racism reflects the National Council of Churches’ commitment to eradicate “the entrenched racism that grips the United States and paralyzes our ability to see every human being as equal … through disciplined truth-telling coupled with strategies in the areas of church life and practices, and thus transform the hearts, minds and behaviours of people and institutions”.

The NCC represents 38 member communions and more than 35 million Christians across the USA.

United Against Racism provides prayers, thoughts and reflections which can help individual spiritual reflection on racism as well as “giving a frame for reforming institutions to become inclusive, beloved communities and equip them for the work of ending racism”.

While focussed on the North American situation, the issues are global. Amongst the units that the book covers:

  • Broken Trust: Racism, White Privilege, and Misunderstanding
  • When Your Justice Doesn’t Look or Feel Like My Justice
  • The Bible: It’s Use and Misuse
  • The Search for Justice
  • The Price of Justice and Its Cost to Us
  • Forgiveness: Whose Burden Is It?
  • What Is the Church to Do?
  • Justice and Spiritual Practices

Paper copies of United Against Racism can be ordered for delivery to US addresses from the NCC website and the Kindle edition is available on Amazon UK.