Working Together in Faith refugee day conference in Scotland (Tue 21 June)

Working Together In Faith webpageAs part of the 2016 Refugee Festival Scotland, a day conference entitled Working Together in Faith has been organised by Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees.

The event is aimed at people who want to learn more about the situation and what they can do about it. You’re invited to gather in St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church, Edinburgh (EH2 2PA) on Tuesday 21 June.

Organiser David Bradwell said:

A variety of speakers will address questions of policy, faith, advocacy and practical action. We want to equip congregations to act in solidarity with their communities and to make a difference at home as well as further afield.

Running between 10.30am (registration 10am) and 3.30pm, the conference will also it will offer information about the current humanitarian refugee catastrophe and offer a choice of workshops looking at interfaith projects, human rights, opportunities for volunteering and policy changes that are anticipated in the coming weeks and with which faith groups can engage.

  • What is my faith tradition doing and how can I get involved with them, and with others, to make a practical and meaningful difference?
  • What do I need to know about the current refugee crisis?
  • Are there any refugees in my area, and how can I work with them?
  • What role do the Scottish Government, UK Government and European Union policies have with regard to refugees, and how do I influence this?

Free but registration required.